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Re: Cruise Control

Cool -- that is a very good web sight... The block diagram and
troubleshooting info give me a couple of ideas :>  Cheers

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> > Hey there.. thanks for the reply..  I hate to sound ignorant, but im not
> > exactly sure which vacuum hose you are referring to (as I am not sure what
> > you mean by the pump <i gather from reading the archives there is some
> > sort of pump that creates the vacuum for the system>.. but where is this
> > pump? :)
> Pump: usually near the port end of the firewall, has a 2" round
> cylinder, small rectangular section, mounted with three rubber
> standoffs.  Electrical connector with rubber cover that has three 1/4"
> spade terminals in it.  A couple of hoses connections, one is used (the
> other vents I think)
> The hose comes out to a Tee, one end goes to the "servo", a little
> bellows whose rubber side is connected by a short rod to your throttle
> linkages (the parts that move when you push the gas pedal).  the piece
> of hose goes through the firewall and connects to both pedal switches
> (unless automatic trans...)
> There is a moderately useful block diagram of the cruise system at the
> url below.