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Re: to leather or not to leather

Hairy green toads from Mars made Richard Miller say:

> I am in the process of kicking around having my Audi's interior done in
> leather or fabric. I went to the local upholstry shop and got a twice as
> much bid for the leather. Is leather worth it? the car has the seat heaters
> so I am not afraid of cold rear in the winter and I would be going with a
> light grey so the seats should not get blistering hot, right? Would the
> leather last longer, have more fade resistance,be more comfortable on
> extended trips, other pros or cons?

Well, I hate leather.

I think cloth is more comfortable, cooler in summer, warmer in winter,
and does a better job keeping my butt planted when driving.

Color is part of the heat problem, but the material is far
more important IMO.


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