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Re: typ44T: Soldering joints on back of speedo printed circuitboard

I'd hit everything. I'm going to be doing this sometime soon. I need to replace
a bulb anyway, plus the intermittent shaky speedo. You can't always see a bad
connection, and if you could, another one might go later. So, re-flow all of
the connections. You should avoid heat buildup in any given area, so do a few
in one part, then move to a totally different area. Jump around like this until
the the whole thing is done. BTW, I did this with the A/C programmer a few
years ago and was very happy that my vents started behaving again!


JordanVw@aol.com wrote:
> i am going to RE-attempt this again tomorrow on my '86 5kT to try to fix my
> intermittant speedo/odom.  ok, so when i get the speedo cluster out - where
> do i look for the broken solder joints? on the left side?  whereabouts on the
> left side? the circuitboard ribbon runs everywhere, i need to know where to
> look for the breaks that i have to re-solder...
> any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! :<)
> thanks -
> chris
> '86 5kT, TQ


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