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Re: K24 and boost - more on WGFV

In a message dated 12/1/99 11:22:21 AM Central Standard Time, 
wallace@remdesign.com writes:

> > .... The diode light is NOT a 100% method of
>  > testing WOT function.  3 ohms of resistance is enough to fool the 
>  > regarding WOT (a long standing Ned Ritchie tech tip), but can still 
> activate
>  > the diode light.  The only 100% method of testing WOT function is to use 
> an
>  > ohm meter on the switch.
>  [and then]
>  > .... Try this, hook up a LED to the WGFV terminals, and route it
>  > into your dash. ...
>  That's exactly what Orin's LED arrangement is. Even for those of us who
>  aren't custom tuning our springs and chips, it's very helpful to
>  understanding what's going on--and to checking that the WGFV really is
>  being used. Also helped me understand why I was getting an overboost
>  condition a while ago, because of a torn wastegate.
>  I believe there's a diagram at Scott Mockry's site; it's simply an LED
>  and current-limiting resistor across the WGFV's terminals. 

Exactly.  My point is that the WOT switch should only be tested with an ohm 
meter.  The LED across the WGFV is a good way to fine tune the chip mod to 
your individual car.  Saying it's "100%" good for WOT switch test isn't 
really a valid statement IMO.  


Scott J