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RE: New S6 - Help I'm inna dark!

Ti, I say this because of two things:
1. The S8 has 360hp out of the same engine, so actually, the S6 is
detuned. :-)
2. The M5 and E55 which inevitably are going to be compared to the
S6, are far more powerful, even if they lack the all-weather traction.
3. The RS6 is supposed to be on the horizon, to put the M5 and E55
out of their misery. I hope this is true, as Audi has fallen a bit
short the last time, with the S4 vs. E34 M5 and W126 500E (126 I think).
(I guess I cheated- three things)

You also have to remember that the S6 is something like 3800lbs., IIRC.
That's a lot of weight. Put 340hp in something the weight of my 5kcstq
and it would put the other German competition to shame. Hmmmm. Maybe
that's what I need- AAN transplant, 6 spd. tranny, RS2 bits, Sachs sport
clutch, MTM chip... 340hp! I just need to sell some body parts to do this.


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I wrote:
> I believe the new bi-turbo S6 is now available in Europe, but there
> is no word on whether it will be imported to North America.

Oops, Taka is right.  The new S6 is a souped up V8 with no turbo.
The yet-to-come RS6 is going to be a bi-turbo V8.

Now, I am not sure I'd say that any 340hp machine to be "nothing to
write home about", though.  My oh my, have times changed!