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Re: Car audio help.... Audi 200

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Daniel Hussey wrote:

> Well, I finally have most of the dash taken apart on my '89 Audi 200TQ.  So,
> I am starting to install an Alpine CD player (7909L) and an amplifier, which
> is needed for this unit.

7909L?  Limited edition out of 200 hand-built Alpine units?  Copper
casing?  *drool*

> Can I cut the power and ground wire off the original wiring harness and use
> them to power/ground the new CD player???  My other concern is that it
> appears that my Alpine has two seperate power supplys (one for CD and
> another for the tuner).  So, I don't know where I can pull power for this
> second power supply.  Any ideas?  Can I tap it off cig lighter power or any
> other 12V source???

I would say check the input current draw on both of the units (CD and
tuner).  If it's less than the rated fuse on that circuit, then go ahead.
Grab a Bentley.  IMHO, you should be fine if you just splice them together
to the power lead.  Otherwise, draw it from the battery -- more trouble
with the wiring, but you'll have to do it anyways for the amplifier.

> My final question is what amperage fuse should I use for the in-line fuse on
> the power wire going from the battery to the amp in the trunk?  I already
> have a decent glass fuse holder for car audio type use, but want to know
> what amp fuse I should put in there.  30A?

What is the max current of your amplifier? It should be stated in the
specifications.  Also, most amplifiers have their own fuses.  Match these
at the battery-side fuse. ie. your amplifier has a built-in 30A fuse...
use a 30A fuse within 18" of the battery.

> Also, should I ground the amp to the neg terminal of the batt (done this
> before) or is it better to scrape off some paint on the chassis nearby and
> ground it there?

In most cases, shorter runs the better.  I'd go to a nearby ground point.
The Type 89 chassis has a ground bolt in the driver's side tailight
cluster.  Check the Bentley, as the Type44 body is also galvanized, which
means some scraping of stuff to get a good ground.  Use the factory points
when in doubt.  Worked for me.

> I'm going to remove the amps on the rear speakers and just run speaker wire
> to them directly.  I unfortunately don't have a crossover so I can't use
> them as seperates.  Is there one in there that I can use?  BTW, for those of

I do not believe there is a crossover you can use there.  With that 7909L,
you deserve (and probably can afford) a nicer speaker setup as well.

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