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typ44T spazzy speedos (5kT, and 200T)


You can't necessarily tell that the solder points are bad by looking at them
they just are.  Pull the cluster, take apart down to the speedo unit by
disconnecting from the PC board.  Resolder the four connection points on the
PC board by wicking up the old solder first with solder wick available at
most electronics stores.  Then carfully resolder using rosin core(not acid
core) solder.  This "should" fix the problem.


Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:50:53 EST
From: JordanVw@aol.com
Subject: typ44T  spazzy speedos  (5kT, and 200T)

my speedo on my '86 5kT was intermittant,and i was told to remove it and 
check for a loose connection on the printed circuitboard.  i pulled the strg

wheel, the combi switch, and pulled out the speedo cluster.  looked for 
breaks in the circuitboard. could not find any, not to mention that the 
diagram i printed out was from a '89-'91 turbo. it all looked greek to me.
i put it back in, and it has been working fine ~mostly~ up until now.  Now 
the speedo needle is going haywire again..   any more ideas? 

my friend just bought a '89 200Turbo. his speedo is worse than mine, it's 
completely dead, tho every now and then the needle will jump up a few times.

Any tips i can give him on how to remove the speedo from a '89-'91? i know 
how to take one out of a '88 down (gotten quite the expert at that) but am 
clueless about the '89-'91 dash/speedo removal. 
Also what was the URL to the site on repairing the intermittant speedo 

any help would be appreciated  - 
'86 5kT with intermittant speedo
friend with '89 200T w/ same prob....