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Fuel Injectors (NAC VW Fox) - cleaning

I have tried this - difficult at best.  This is another of my chaepskate
backyard repairs to try before breaking down and buying new injectors. 

You have a scuba tank and regulator with nozzle accessory, or other high
pressure(1000 PSI+) air source  - right?

Removed injector and unscrewed from line.  Use VW injector puller available
at good auto parts stores..Dont use screwdriver, vice grips and other
approaches - without the tool you risk damaging injectors and yourself.

I did each injector one by one and checked operation to see if that injector
made some improvement.

Blow some Carburator cleaner into the fuel line side - careful this stuff
will backfire in your face and get on your hands so wear goggles and gloves
and don't breathe(use scuba gear as if you were performing procedure under

Then take regulator nozzle(high pressure) and blow injector out.

Repeat until you get nice conical spray pattern.  If you don't get a nice
spray patter, then the injector probably requires replacement.

Be careful.

Ben Swann
3 Q's soon to be 2


Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 21:24:09 -1000
From: bobbie@kcdm.org
Subject: Fuel Injectors (NAC VW Fox)

I got an 89 VW Fox.  Its got the same engine as the 4000 (detuned a little,
I think).  I need to clean the fuel injectors.  Can I do this myself?  How
difficult is it to take off the injectors, etc etc etc...