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RE: 16" Wheels

How about 225/50-15 on 7" Fuchs? Anyone used this combination? Are there
clearance problems with the rear fender lip like with the 225/50-16?
I would think the shorter tire would help accleration too.

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcstq
86 5kcstq

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<<  Does anyone know of a problem mounting 16"x7.5"  wheels on a '87 5000SQ
 with 225/50-16" tires.  They are only 0.80" wider than 205 tires which
 doesn't seem that it should create a problem with rubbing?  Thanks again,
 MGH >>

i have the 16x7 A4/A8 wheels on my '86 5kT. any wider than that, you might 
have problems, IMO.   what brand are the wheels you're using?