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Re:Bilstien Shock differences (Inc Grp-2s)

We use a lot of Bilsteins for ours & customers rally Audis. I'm not aware of
them offering a Gr 2 valved insert for those vehicles. I did contact
Bilstein Motorsports in Germany, they do offer a Gr A insert, I think they
were around $ 300 dm ea. The HDs & Sports usually have the same valving, the
difference being the shaft length. I have Bilstein revalve most all of the
inserts we use to work properly with the higher spring rates needed for
rallying. The cost is reasonable-$65 ea, they can also modify as needed ie:
more travel, shorten the stand tube, etc. HTH
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
looking for 30V6 intake manifold for new project