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RE: Headlights Out!

same scenario on my 5KTQ except it's the low beams that don't stay on.
I have taken the switch out of the column to see if it could be
cleaned/repaired but it is not serviceable, IMHO anyway.  Incidentally,
taking the switch out is actually quite easy. But, it is riveted
together.  I guess you could drill out the rivets, replace or clean the
contacts and then try to close it up again with some screws or long
rivets but I felt it was beyond what I was willing to do.(especially
since I would be without a switch if I wrecked it)
The nearest large autowrecker has 8 or 9 5k's and ALL of the combi
switches have already been removed.  This must be a very common
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>From: 	Bob Gregory[SMTP:rggpa1@yahoo.com]
>Sent: 	December 1, 1999 6:57 PM
>To: 	quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: 	Headlights Out!
>Today's auditrauma:  Steering column headlight switch
>apparently craps out on 90q.  Audiowner suffering from
>RSI by holding hi-beams on manually for last 15 min of
>drive home.  Note - no one flashes because they are
>blinded by hi-beams (Yipes, the stock lights are that
>Bentley suggests that the switch comes out fairly
>easily.  Can it be cleaned or otherwise rehab-ed? 
>What does a new one cost?  Dealer only part?  
>Any BTDT welcomed.
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