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Re: 16" Wheels

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 18:38:40 -0800, you wrote:

>  Does anyone know of a problem mounting 16"x7.5"  wheels on a '87 5000SQ
>with 225/50-16" tires.  They are only 0.80" wider than 205 tires which
>doesn't seem that it should create a problem with rubbing?  Thanks again,

I've got 16x7 ET37 wheels with SP9000 205/55R16 on my '87, and it's
extremely close in the rear, and will occasionally rub the outer
fender lip if I take sharp turns with people in the rear seat or heavy
stuff in the trunk. I'll try to get the fenders flared a tiny little
bit, it's irritating to not be able to drive with people in the rear
without rubbing every time I turn.. The 225 tires will NOT work on a
ET37, left alone ET35. Probably not on a ET45 either.. But with
flaring of the rear fenders, it will work good. I believe the quattro
has got a slightly (2 mm or something) wider track in the rear, but
the motion of the independent suspension (will have more negative
camber when loaded) compared to the solid beam axle on the FWD (will
just stay at the same angle, no matter how much loaded) will make up
for the wider track in terms of rubbing the inner fenders.. Now, the
negative camber can be adjusted on a quattro, this could stop the
tires from rubbing, but too much negative camber isn't good. I'd stay
to factory specs and rather flare the fender lips.