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audi 2.0 16v conversion

I posted to the grp at the beginning of the week regarding a 2.0 16v 
conversion - into my 1990 jetta 16v.
Anyway, I have my old engine back from the garage now and am ready to bolt 
on the ancillaries onto my new engine - audi 2.0 16v 'ACE', from an M(1994) 
reg audi 80 estate. -a UK model.
I was told that the engines from this generation of audi were tall block 
(16.5mm taller), however when measuring from between the engine mounts and 
cam cover I get exactly the same length. Can anyone look in their bentley 
etc. and check for me what the technical specification is for this model - 
Is this a tall block!? -the engine code is ACE.

Also I've noticed that the hp for this engine is 140 while for the 2.0 16v 
golf it's 150. Does anyone have any ideas why? - ie cams, head flow, 

I'm going to bolt my K-jet injection on. Will the power be increased using 
this? I've also got a magnex exhaust manifold and system.

Thanks for all the advice,


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