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Re: Type 44 Single Pass Intercoolers in US?

By the way, I have an Audi technician service book for the kh. The fuel
cutoff is at 1.65 bar, not 2.0 as you suggested. That's kindof pointless
to have one that high. Factory boost for the kh and mc 1 is 1.5 bar.
Modifications are the same as any other 10vt, but different result due to
the higher compression, lower displacement, and different ecu programming.
For example: a kh wgfv will not override my cockpit wastegate controller,
but the mc will-limiting it to 1.5 bar.

The mc 1 used the mac 07, as well (I have two of 'em) and had the
configuration of the kh, NOT the gen 2 mc from 86 and up.

The kh and mc 1 had the third outlet in the ic and did not have the cast
in runner for pre throttled air. I can't vouch for late-late 85 mc 1's
when the mc 2 crossover began. i have seen them without, though.

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On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Actually, thats the KH motor.  I just put one in my 4kq.  Its the KH-2 I
> spose.  Its got the Water cooled turbo, etc, and the Mac-07 but the engine
> code is KH still.  Nice thing is to chip it all you need is a stiffer
> spring (or shims, or WG controll etc)  as the computer doesnt cut the fuel
> pump till 2.0 bar or around there.
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> From: Sachelle Babbar <sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu>
> Subject: Re: Type 44 Single Pass Intercoolers in US?
> the mc 2 is actually the mc 3 as the the first mc was made for the late 85
> model year. It was 2,144 cc's and used the mac 07.