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Re: Audi in F1???

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> Of course awd is disallowed in F1, I think they put that series together
> maximize expense while minimizing innovation. When Colin Chapman tried awd
> (can't, alas, pinpoint when... list Lotus junkies?) it was overweight and
> the magic bullet. Didn't get banned from the outset though, and profoundly
> in the wet (duh!)
Although Lotus, McLaren and Matra all fielded 4wd F1 cars in the 1969
championship and Lotus ran the 4wd gas turbine 56B in a few races in 1971,
it was Ferguson who ran the first 4wd F1 car - the P99 in the 1961 British
Grand Prix.

Maybe I should get out more often...........

Jim Haseltine