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RE: Snows for 5kcstq

> If anyone is interested I have a couple of sets of slightly used 15" snows
> for sale. I will post the sizes when I get back to Vt, but one
> set is Hak's
> off my 87 5KCSTQ (my wife convinced me she also needed Hak 1's w/
> studs) and
> the other is Cooper Weather Master off of my son's Subaru (he
> also informed
> me that he also NEEDED Hak's). Both are in good condition with
> many miles to
> go.
> Grant Eckfeldt

On that note, I _still_ have 2 sets of 15" wheels for winter use, FS cheap.
I have sold each set more than once, but each time the person renegs or
stops responding to email.  So, buy Gary's tires and my wheels!
Final, out the door to buy my brother some 16" summer wheel price:

15x6ET45 Audi oem alloys from 89 200tq, good shape, $150!
15x6ET45 steal wheels, great shape, 3yrs old, $60!

Boxed and ready to go, you pay shipping at these low prices.
Put on whatever tire size you please, for all I care :)