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Re: Kh boost/ list traffic.

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Sachelle Babbar wrote:

> Todd, try posting one time for all your questions, please. I'm sure many
> don't appreciate the traffic generated by 5 one line questions in response
> to the same post.

	Uhhh, Excuse Me!!!!  I made ONE post to your original post.  YOU
made 2 replies to it.  I replied ONCE to each one of those replies.  Now
you have succe3eded in replying 3-times to my 2-posts.  So who is it that
cant seem to get their thoughts into one message???  Dont mean to sound
cold but I think your above comment is rediculous.  Your the one making
more posts, not me.  I NEVER made 5-one line posts or questions.  I
replied only ONCE to each one of your posts.  

> About the fp cutout-Those cars must have been malfuctioning... all of
> them. I find it hard that you've found all these people with good info. My
> car, as well as another shows 1.65 bar on an external gauge at cutoff,
> going along with the factory service training manual I had.

	Well, I guess they were wrong.  Thats why I asked the
question.  :-)  Actually, maybe it was a miscommunication of Badly written
post but in an OLD post from (I think it was you) you were describing to
me how to make an in-cockpin adjustable boost controller by routing the
lines inside the car.  (If it wasnt you sorry, I'll have to go back and
look)  But whoever wrote it had a KH and was turning the boost up to 1.8
bar with now problems and hinted that this was the ONLY thing I needed to
do.    I also heard this froma  few other sources as well but OBVIOUSLY I
was mis-informed so lets drop that.  If its 1.65 fine, how bout telling me
how to get around it???  Thats more productive and was what I askeed in an
earlier post.  that way we dont have to wastes list traffic as you
suggested hashing this over. :-)  As I stated earlier, some tuners have
told me that they cant modify that ECu,  so what do you do get more power
from the KH???  I have a ported head so as soon as I get the Ic hooked up
I want to run 1.8 bar or more.  
	aslso, you said the Kh makes different ower numbers than the MC,
(normal MC-1 what you call MC-2.   Lets call your version 1 MC-0 like
Orinn Suggested)  But anyhow, I see two options, one use an MC cam as it
appers to be mroe aggressive, 2) port the head (already done) to increase
flow to compete with the larger MC-s head flow.  So, at 1.8 bar the MC
makes around 220hp.  (give or take a bit depending on exhaust, etc)   What
should I expect fromt he KH,  I'm guessing 200 since its 20hp down from
the MC at 1.4 bar but thats just a guess.  Any idea???  How much can you
safely run in the KH???  Any idea??  Is 2.2 reasonable with the right
turbo as it is in the MC or not???

> According to parts sources, the 84 was one year only. I find it hard to
> believe that the 84 kh can't fit the 85 kh. The kh head can't fit on an MC
> 2. For the mc 1, I can't say for sure, except parts crossovers list them
> as non interchangeable.

I dont see any difference betweent he 84 and 85 KH heads.  They are the3
same as far as I can tell.  My question still un-answered is WHAT is the
Difference between your MC-0 and the Water Cooled Turbo 85' KH
engine.  Both use the same ECu, and use a water cooled turbo, single knock
sensor Ignition, 8.3:1 compression, and are the same displacemnt.  So
whats the difference???  They seem the same to me.  Again, not discounting
it, just wanting to know WHAT is the Difference.  If you have all this
factory documentation and stuff you should be able to tell me
that.  Right??
		4ktq with KH/ Mac-07/ and WC k26.  Running Stock Boost.