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FS: '81 4K 5+5 (CA)

I know, not a Q, but a very nice looking car nonetheless...It's been FS for 
some time, and the price has gone down-there aren't enough Audi-ists around 
here I guess.  It's in the local photo trader:

1981 Audi 4000 5+5 (the 2 door)
"5cyl, 5 spd, limited 1 yr production, factory driving seats, sports 
suspension & instruments, PS, PB, AC, sunroof, always covered & garaged, 
immaculate condition, original owner."

$3500 obo  phone:  (805) 544-1419

the usual disclaimers apply- just thought I'd try to find it a good home.
I'll pass along more info if I can get a look at it.

                                                    '83 UrQ