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Re: Audi in F1???

I think it limits to 2WD, but FWD wouldn't work well in their situation
anyway. (not to start a thread or anything)

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999 16:16:12 +0100 thyrsted2@olsy.dk (Kenn Thyrsted)
>I think regulations limits cars to RWD
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>From: Iain Atkinson (ETL) <iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se>
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>Sent: 1. december 1999 12:34
>Subject: Audi in F1???
>> Hi all
>> Just saw this on the Daily F1 website,
>>  Audi has admitted they have a Formula One project in the wings. 
>>  German marque, who was rumoured to a buy-out of the Benetton team 
>>  1997, could enter the sport in the next five to seven years. The
>>  increasing involvement of major carmakers has doubtlessly sparked 
>>  motor giant's interest.
>> I wonder if they will be using the Quattro system??
>> Iain