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RE: Snows for 5kcstq

I was the one who started the thread. I was looking for snows that
will last a fairly long time, are halfway decent in dry conditions
and are still decent snow tires. Here in the Northeast, we don't get
that much snow until very late in the season. Also, because of this,
we have a lot of dry roads, esp. in the daytime. Therefore, I don't
need super-snows like I would in VT or MN, but a good compromise

My mechanic made me a very good offer for snows at just above his
cost, so I bought Firestone winter tires through his shop, from
Tire Rack. The rep said that the Firestones were the next best thing
to the Pirellis, if I didn't want a multicell compound tire, which
I didn't think I wanted for the dry handling problems and wear

I got them in 195/65R15, T rated.

Thanks to everyone for all of their suggestions, and let's keep it
friendly, if possible.

Taka Mizutani

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> What is bugging me about this thread more than tire choice is the 
> continual
> reference to car weight and what tires came stock on it. This has 
> NOTHING to do
> with how the car performs IN THE SNOW. I wonder how many of these 
> people live in
> areas of serious snow. Not Ice, not wet, not dry. Snow.

And what is bugging me about this post is that people are forgetting
it was started by someone who specificly stated that they did _not_
have a lot of snow in the area, and wanted snows mostly for occasional
ski trips.

BTW, I actually use _narrower_ winter tires than you on my heavier
'85 4kq.

PS, Where do you patrol out there?  I used to ski alot of FIS races
in the rockies, but never around Spokanne.  Loved the area when I
visited my little brother at GU, though.