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Re: Leaking Head Gasket

Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     Hmm, German tuner friend told me it was an ASAP job.  Small leaks become
> major in days he said and then the engine explodes.  Over dramatic in my
> opinion.  I have seen many a Volvo 240DL with leaking head gaskets and they
> go forever.  I actually popped my head under the hood of a painter's 240DL
> which has a 6 cylinder VW/Audi diesel engine, the intake manifold had a pool
> of oil resting on it.  Car ran fine.  $75 for a gasket kit for my engine
> from TPC, maybe after Christmas.

My old 4000Q was like that forever. Never leaked to the point of dripping but
always kept the side of the block oily. It lasted for 415,000 miles.  My current
white 4000Q has the same thing. So far 249,000 miles. Im guessing its not an
urgent fix. :)