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warm air intake hose

  Hello listers, 
I have a question for those of you who aren't
discussing tire size that is standard on a T44,or
those of you who aren't torn between which snow tire
to use.
The warm air intake hose on my 87 5ksq is dangling
from my air mixture housing, it has a metal male piece
that attaches to a thin piece of metal(thin like
paper) that I guess was attached to my engine
somewhere I am going to replace it but the Bentley is
vaige the only picture I can see of it is on pg
25.38(Bentley Man 5ks,5kcs 84-88). My question is were
does the warm air hose connect to is it bolted to the
block or what. I crawled under their but really
couldn't tell were it went. Any help be more than
Thank You
87 5ksq 194k(original owner)
86 saab 9kcdt 126k(girlfriends)
91 V8q 5-spd wanted 

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