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Now its mine!

Well the day before Turkey day I took delivery of my new baby. She is a 1991 
90q 20v that has been lovingly taken car of by the PO (lister Bob D'Amato, 
thanks Bob!). I have now driven the car for a week and love it. The car looks 
brand new inside and out and has a number of mods that make me grin like a 
fool and make the Smokies frown (the red paint does not help).

So today I did the first fix it job (other than wash it over the weekend) to 
her so now she feels like mine (no sexism with the "she" bit but the car is a 
red head and seems like a "Lucy" to me and my wife). Today I managed to fix 
one of the only little problems I have found so far. The backlight on the 
radios LCD was dead and I pulled it to replace the light. Not too bad a job 
actually and it appears that the radio does not need the code to put it back 
in, lucky me.

This weekend the new Bazooka subwoofer and 10 disk (FM modulator) CD changer 
go in so more questions will be coming I am sure.....

By the way, how much oil does one of these beasties take at a full change 
with filter (similar to the 4k I would think)? I don't have the Bentley yet 
and the owners manual is gone and I plan to change the oil with Mobil this 
weekend as well. TIA,

James Carolan
'86 4kcsq (roughly 110k miles)
'91 90q20v (67k miles, happy, happy, joy, joy)