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RE: Leaking Head Gasket


What you experience with the magic loss of coolant is fairly common in my experience with the I5 engine (had a few now) my Coupe Q did exactly the same thing when it started to get cold. My theory is that it starts to weep a bit out of the water pump seal, I have seen this both on my car and my father in laws I5 Passat before he had the water pump and seal replaced. There is a channel for want of a better description that allows coolant to weep out and down the block, saw this when I replaced my cambelt and all last month. I don't think it's too much to worry about, mine has now stopped leaking and has used no coolant at all for a while. Oil seep through the head gasket is another thing my car has, again I am not too concerned.

Hope this is of some help.


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Alexander van Gerbig  wrote
>    I noticed a very small oil leak on part of the gasket between the
>cylinderhead and the block.  Leaving just oil smudge on the block.  Is this
>something that needs to be replaced ASAP?  How complicated a job dare I

...on that note, I must ask also... my CGT's exhaust has not smelt too keen
lately - it smells of either oil or coolant or both burning off just after
start-up but then is normal after warming up.  There is no blue smoke
though.  The engine block has shown signs of oil seeping thru the gasket,
but nothing even minor. The big deal is I had to add about a quart of
coolant today, after a complete draining, flushing and filling of the
cooling system exactly 6 months(5500 miles) ago.  There are 180K miles on my
CoupeGT and most of it is fine...it still hangs with most modern Japanese 4
cylinders, but of course has loads more character and heritage, so please
let me know all is fairly normal and will b for a while... Thank You!