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RE: 4kq Moaning and groaning

I personally took the vacuum assist rod out of my car... no problems but
check with others for thier input before doing so.

'85 UR-Q
'85 4K-Q

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> Subject: 4kq Moaning and groaning
> My 86 4kq 'moans' when starting lately.  I believe it has something to do
> with the vacuum reservoir in the fenderwell (I presume there's one in
> there...) as it goes away once the engine has revved a few times.
>  I did have
> to take out the vacuum assist piston rod as it was clacking something
> horrible.  I hope this isn't the cause.
> Also, the diff's don't seem to lock/unlock with the knob.  I have
> to roll the
> car back and forth a few times to disengage.  Ideas?
> Chris
> 86 4kq stock (for now...)