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snow tires

dave said he wants to know how the car performs _in the snow_. to that
effect i have an answer. i lived in vernon british columbia (mountainous),
25 km from silver star mountain ski resort. in 1997 the resort and the
surrounding area had the heaviest recorded seasonal snowfall. shovelling my
uphill driveway became a chore because i had to lift the shovelled snow over
my head (6') to clear the sides. on many occasions the road to the ski hill
was closed and deemed impassable. to me this was a challenge for the quattro
:>) i would never get stuck at any time and i would also travel the other
major hills into and out of town. mine would be the only tracks on these
hills. my snow tires were called 'turbo lasers' a brand of canadian tire
stores here in canada. they were on all four wheels. i also travelled both
directions across canada in march of '98, following one of the biggest
blizzards to hit the prairies. although i had to drive around the biggest
snow drifts the tires and car gave no snow traction problems.
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