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RE: to leather or not to leather

I have a question for all of you regarding this issue-
Have you considered leatherette? Alcantara?

I need to reupholster my driver's seat and one of the headrests and
am considering doing them in leatherette or possibly leatherette with
Alcantara inserts. The leatherette in my Dad's A4 is very nice,
very similar to leather w/o the smell, of course. Leatherette, if it
is high quality, feels very similar, wears much better and is easier
to take care of. The Alcantara I'm considering because the new S4 has
it and it looks so cool. I was thinking of a very subtle black on black,
though. My friend's old Jetta GLI w/ the Recaros had a very nice black
bolster/grey insert scheme that looked nice. I may consider that as well,
although the grey would not wear as well and get dirty easier.

I'm also thinking of an Alcantara headliner, although that's getting
extravagant. :-)

Taka Mizutani

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    IMHO, cloth is superior to leather in comfort, durablility, and ease of
care. I've had both. I prefer cloth.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  93k km (leather)