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Re: Seating Rings w/ Synthetic Oil

When I rebuilt my GTI's motor, my machine shop told me to do the initial
break in on standard oil.  I used Deves rings; they said first 1000 
miles should be using "normal" oil.


>From this page:

"After honing, wash the cylinders and block with hot, soapy
water. To clean the cylinders correctly: use
                    a stiff round brush, oil them to prevent
rust, and use only clean oil and a lint-free rag. Avoid synthetic
                   oils; they won't allow the rings to seal.
After engine break-in, however, synthetic oils are fine to use.
                    Never use cylinder coatings that are
slippery. Note: For aluminum block engines, be sure to follow all
                   factory recommendations and specifications for
cylinder preparation."

Sorry about the lame justification - but the basic jist is there,
at least according to Deves.  

I drove mine about 500 miles on standard oil, put synthetic in
for 200 more, then switched back to standard oil for a 2k mile
trip.  Engine runs well, burns no oil, has good compression,
seems to have seated the rings just fine.


On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Alan Kramer wrote:

> A trusted friend of mine said that I will have trouble seating the rings in 
> my new engine w/ the Mobil 1 I put in.  True?  Engine so far has only run 1 
> hour and no oil burning evident.
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