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10v 200tq Bilsteins

I recently got the dampers in my 89 200tqa replaced - due to an incident
with a road repair. After speaking with Scott McDonald at Bilstein
(great guy - has helped me a lot in the past, he also owns a 89 200tq),
I got the *correct* part numbers for the Bilstein struts/shocks. Many of
the mail order places we frequent knew of the front struts, but NONE
knew the part numbers for the rears.

I bought them from Turner Motorsports, (BMW specialist) 978-388-7769,
who have a great relationship with Bilstein, and with whom I have a long
standing relationship. They have agreed to honor the prices they gave me
for the list. Please mention my name, ask for Will or Doug. These are by
FAR the best prices I could find.

Front: P36-0370, $116.00 each
Rear:  BE5-2593, $122.00 each.

These are the HDs, meant for the stock springs, and work very nicely, I
have to say.

They have a 'Sport' front strut, dont have the part # handy, but its in
the archives, which has the identical bump and rebound settings as the
HD, but a shorter length to compensate for shorter springs. No sport
rears available.

I believe there are only a few more units of the rears left, due to
insufficient demand.

I found a few other part numbers for the rears in the archives, which
are incorrect for the 10V, but are for the 20V 200 (according to Scott,
the 20V has a different rear mounting system??)

BTW, I am sure they'd treat you guys well for any other applications you
might need Bilsteins for.

89 200 tqa (money pit)
77 BMW 530i
91 Lotus Elan
86 BMW 635csi (4 sale after I put the head back on)
84 Alfa GTV6 (track car, currently rollover damaged due to broken wheel)