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Bilsteins into a 200tq v 5ktq

>I found a few other part numbers for the rears in the archives, which
>are incorrect for the 10V, but are for the 20V 200 (according to Scott,
>the 20V has a different rear mounting system??)
>BTW, I am sure they'd treat you guys well for any other applications you
>might need Bilsteins for.

The difference between the two applications is the 10 vs the 12mm  upper 
threaded portion in the rear of the 5ktq v 200tq respectively.  The mounting 
on the 20vtq is a fixed upper body/ spring perch mounting plate, and the 
larger diameter shock thread.  IME (see archives), the larger 12mm thread is 
the desired (even on the older cars), since I've had a couple of the 10mm 
threads actually break at the thread/piston mating (a catastrophic failure).  
The later 20vtq quattro shock application can be used on the earlier cars, 
you need to drill out the upper mount hole, and the heim washer directly 
underneath the mounting plate.  You must also use a cheap 19mm socket (thin 
walled) to install the nut, it's a tight fit into the recess that was meant 
to take a 17mm socket. 

Igor Kessel did a great post on the install of the later 200tq shocks into 
the 5ktq rear a couple of years ago.  

IMO anyone doing a rear shock install into a 5ktq consider the 200tq 
'upgrade', especially if it's tracked or sees high rear trunk loads.  The 
later 200tq/S car rear mounts can be used on the 5ktq's, but they aren't 

All that said, the above is <not> the proper application for your car (my 
disclaimer thank you).


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
'87 5ktqwRS2 - 10vt (12mm Bilstein 200tq sports with C/O conversion rear)