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RE: trip comp. on A6

You have to be careful about that trip computer.  When it tells you that
you have 100 miles left to empty, that means at your current consumption
rate.  If that rate changes, you can see that miles to empty drop REAL
quick.  The trip computer can only use historical info in determining
how much further you can go before running out of fuel, ie. how many
kilometers to empty based on your recent fuel consumption.  If you have
been on the highway at a moderate speed for a while you will be getting
great mileage.  If you were getting say 25 mpg, that means you have
about 4 gallons left and you COULD go 100 miles if you stayed on the
highway.  However, if you started city driving at that point, your car
would suck up those 4 gallons in far less than 100 miles.  HTH!

Feel free to correct me, anyone, but be gentle.....

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>From: 	Kevin Schwab[SMTP:kevin@cinesite.com]
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>Subject: 	trip comp. on A6
>Hi all,
>My girlfriend drives a tow truck, and the other day she helped a guy that ran
>out of gas in his A6q.  He said that the trip computer read that he still had
>100 miles left in his tank, and that this was the second time it happened to
>Other than the guy letting it happen twice (??), what do you think could have
>been wrong?  How acurate are the trip computers?