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RE: Seating Rings w/ Synthetic Oil


Oh yes most definitely , my brother in law made this mistake last year and
ended up with his I5 burning a lot of oil because of this and switched back
to mineral for 5000 miles to rectify this. I would run it on mineral for
around 5 k and change it every 1k but maybe not the filter. I seem to
remember something else earlier this  year that 9000 miles was the point to

Hope this helps


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A trusted friend of mine said that I will have trouble seating the rings in
my new engine w/ the Mobil 1 I put in.  True?  Engine so far has only run 1
hour and no oil burning evident.


'81 4k/4E
'83 CGT <- new engine
'85 CGT (parts (need any?))

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