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RE: Leaking Head Gasket/Loss of coolant

Another bad thing about coolant ingestion is the incidence of cranked
exhaust manifold gaskets. This was especially prevelant on the #5
cylinder. Always craked on the rear surface. Hot coolant rushing in and
out of a cylinder still seems to invoke a thermal shock condition and
crank the steel of the gasket. I determined this because there was a
cement type additive that seals heads and gaskets better than anything,
permanently (if you need the name email. It works 100%) and it was
deposited on the rear of the #5 gasket and down the em into the downpipe.
Deposition was at the site of the crack and happend a few times IME.

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On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, superba wrote:

> Hi All,
> There have been a number of posts on these.  IMHO, the most serious effect
> of your engine becoming addicted to ethylene glycol is that it defecates on
> the cat.  The cure for this is to give your cat an enema....  However, NO2
> tests might prove hard to pass.  WTP?  Confirm in any way possible if your
> engine is ingesting coolant and fix the problem.  Could be a warped head
> from some past mischief, and if stretch bolts were used, you have to remove
> the head and gasket to correct the interface.  OTOH, oil leaks seem to be an
> accepted occurrence.
> My .02...
> Cheers!
> Jim Jordan