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Re: Family Album

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From: TM <mizutanit@mindspring.com>
> What exactly are you talking about in regards to "handwritten orders?"
> I have no idea what you're talking about, "unofficial" copies? The
> CD is hardware-keyed, right? You can't use it even if you had one.
> Otherwise, I know a guy who can get the current CD.

I screen print my parts orders because my handwriting is somewhat less than
readable - guess I should have gone to medical school. Of course, even if I
could find a copy of that CD and maybe break whatever sort of key it has
then I wouldn't be stupid enough to print out an order with 'Audi' printed
at the top.
When the guy in the parts department asked me if I had something like the CD
at home I admitted to having a fiche - nothing wrong with that. His opinion
was that he wished that everybody came into the parts dept with part numbers
as it would make his job easier - after all, I guess that he would really
_love_ to hunt around all the fiches until he found the part number of the
fuse box multiplug that I ordered yesterday.

Jim Haseltine