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(3A) 16V ECU Project Preliminary Results - Passat 16V Code Dump?

    I got the 16V ECU from E. Kissell today in the mail, thanks Eric!  I
promptly installed for a test run.  The ECU's are very similar looking
except the 16V ECU from the Passat has a metal casing instead of plastic.
Same interface as the stock 8V ECU.
    I got the 16V ECU installed and started the engine up.  Engine fired
right up and the idle was resting around 850rpm.  I revved the engine and
all seemed fine so I took it for a test drive.  For the first mile I drove
slowly and the engine ran just as if I had the 8V ECU in.  Then I went for a
full load accel and off the line to 3000rpm the car barely moved at all, way
slower than the stock ECU.  After 3000rpm the car became a rocket until
5000rpm when there was a wall.  I could only get the engine to 6000rpm tops,
then there was nothing left.
    I came back to homebase and checked timing and the DPR current.  The DPR
current was just right, the timing was way off, nearly 4-5ATDC.  I set the
timing back to stock for my engine, 6BTDC.  That caused the idle to surge so
I backed off a bit and went with around 4BTDC.  I took another test drive
and all the problems went away.  Off the line to 3000rpm was good, after
that the engine cleanly revved to 6500rpm.  I refuse to go any further than
that with my engine although the ECU seems willing to go much further.
    I'm not sure which ECU works better as things seem quite similar.  The
16V ECU has a bright band of acceleration from 3000rpm to 5000rpm which the
8V ECU doesn't have as much of.  One really sweet point for the 16V ECU is
the constant and annoying idle surging in deceleration is gone.  That
surging must be a problem with the 2x 8V ECU's I have.
    I would like to know how to dump the codes with this 16V ECU since the
regular method does not work or it will not display on the ECS light.
During the second test drive the ECS light blinked meaning a code was
stored, but I can't tell which code(s) since I can't dump them.  Anyone


Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 Audi 80

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