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'88 5ksq Stereo Installation

When I bought my '88 5ksq, the previous owner had already installed a
relatively cheap Sony tape deck and some not-half-bad-sounding 6 x 9's on
the back deck.  The deck has knobs, but I *think* it is still DIN mounted
(proper term?).

Question:  Any reason why I can't put a new Sony XR-C7220 deck in?  Also,
any comments on (eventually) installing a CD changer on the "shelf" in the
trunk?  I would have Magnolia HiFi in Seattle do both and they have a pretty
good rep.  However, there are monkey lads in every industry.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.  If you reply directly to
me by e-mail, please edit the address (it's obvious).

- Andrejs