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RE: RE: Strange climate control activity - suggestions?

Christopher Tipper wrote:

Not sure if you've gotten any answers to this yet, but did you have your
heated seat turned on?  When my heated seat worked in my '88 90q, if it
wasn't very cold outside and I had the seat set to low, after the seat was
warmed up it was as if it didn't know if it should be heating or not.  It
kept cycling back and forth between on and off.

As to your question Christopher, no the seat heaters weren't on.  I did get 
some answers that pretty much went along with my thinking regarding setting 
of fault codes in the control head.  I didn't have the time or energy to 
check the codes last night, but I did scroll through and must have reset 
the codes as everything looked hunky dory this morning (clear and dry 
weather today rather than yesterday's slop) on the way to work.  I was 
warned by a local mechanic that the compressor was heading in the southerly 
direction, but he was unsure of when it was going to take flight.  So I 
will try and look for the answers this weekend with Mr. Bentley's help.

The one piece of info that I would like to learn about from fellow listers 
is what was the relay that was cycling off and on at probably 3-4 hz (I 
reported 1 yesterday but that was incorrect) while the faults were 
occurring?  Is there a relay that controls the compressor clutch under the 
left side dash?  It all may be revealed when I compare fault codes, but 
BTDT info is nice to use for comparisons.


'90 200Q