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warm air intake(more)

  Hello list once again,
I would like to thank the list members who RE me back
with my problem-Huw,Ian,Sachelle,Allan,Tom,&Scott.
Thanks for the location of the plate at the end of the
W.A.H. I shouldn't have to replace it actually im in a
stupper after this because I brought my car down to
the local dealer to get a clutch put in(I supplied
every part for the clutch job thanks to some really
nice guy's at my local Audi parts store they really
give a great price for things everything OE) my 87
5ksq(non-turbo) and some of the EM studs that come out
of the block were rusty or just holding on for life so
the "tech" spent 5HRS grinding 4 of the 10 out and
replaced them. My question is shouldn't he have
mentioned it to me while they were sucking my pocket
dry. Sorry but I usually do the work to my car myself
but thats a big job not enough room and time for
that(clutch that is).
As Allan said I should put a K-n-N filter system on it
I was going to 3or4 month's ago after I gave the car a
complete tune up(Bosch) but the guy I talked to said
that they only carry the filter not the system, like I
said it's a non-turbo 2.3lit NF engine CIS-EIII,if
anybody Knows were I can get one or talk to the rite
person or people I'd love to get one. So is this
something I can wait on a couple of days to find out
more info on the filter system or should I get the
Warm Air Hose fixed a.s.a.p. I called the dealer and
my "advisor" said I should come in Monday and he and
the Tech would take a look at it. When that happens(if
I cant find any info on the K-n-N) they should replace
it labor free I'll probably have to spring for the
cover for the warm air intake. Any more info would be
Thank You
87 5ksq 194K(original owner)
86 saab 9kcdt 126K(girlfriends)
91 V8q 5-spd searching

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