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RE: Testing Knock Sensors

> .... I don't know that there is much you can do to test it ... about the only
> things you can do that I'm aware of are to make sure that it is tightened to
> the proper torque and that the connector on the firewall is making proper
> contact.  I added the last note because the new sensors come with gold
> plated contacts which indicates to me that there may have been a problem
> with noisy connections with the old connector.  If after you do these things
> you still get the code replace the sensor.  When I dealt with this on my '88
> 5kCSQA the code went away after I replaced the sensor ...

There is a very strong note in the RR (20V) documentation stating that
gold-plated and tinned connectors must _NOT_ be mixed under any
circumstances.  Somewhere in the archives there's an old post of mine
giving the correct part number for new gold-plated pins for the
connector so that a knock sensor with gold-plated pins can be attached.

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