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power windows

I have always known that the power windows, at least in Audis I know,
are slow. The windows in my '82 Coupe are slow, but they go up and down
all the way, so it never bothered me.

But now, the passenger window goes halfway up and stops. Maybe closer to
2/3rds of the way up. It stops dead...what do I do to get it going
again? Well, I reach over while driving at speed and tug on it while
pressing the window switch! Well, maybe I do that at the stoplight. Once
I tug on it, the window starts moving up again, as though it needs
momentum to get passed that point.

Now my question is, hoping that this won't cost anything, what could be
wrong? I sure hope it's binding on something, causing too much friction,
but I assume it's worse. And I doubt a similar case as is with
headlights, where there isn't enough power being delivered to the
device....I wish.

So does anyone have thoughts?

geordie clarke
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