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RE: 1998 A8 Service Manual

Send A LOT of money to Dyment distributions.
W42 015 196 000 is the number for the complete manual set, includes 16
(maybe more) booklets covering different sections oh the car and a complete
wiring diagram binder. You can buy each booklet separately but it costs more
if you end up buying them all. My manual set cost $375 about 2 yrs ago and a
single booklet cost $85 about 3 months ago. A manual set for the "New
Beetle" was $800 last year, same type of manuals.
The people at Dyment have always been very helpful and friendly, they just
handle distribution for VW/Audi so they don't have control over the price.
They will send you a complete list of Audi manuals they sell if you ask for
Dyment distribution: (800) 544-8021, they are in Ohio I believe.
Take Care
Jim Dupree

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		Does anyone know how to get these and what form they are in?


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