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Re: q-list decals

Hi Mark,

I didn't really expect to see any other than mine back here in the
wilderness but was hoping some would be spotted in more populous realms.

There are still _plenty_ of the decals available.  The more that are around
the more likely it will be that they will be spotted by other listers.  So
far fewer than 90 list members have ordered them.  That's out of, what?
About 1,500?

BTW, the nut has long since been met.  Dan should have already received one
small check (along with some complimentary decals).  Another larger -
significantly larger - check will be sent to him shortly after the first of
the year.

So keep those cards and letters (and checks, of course) rolling in.  Dan
can use the funds.  :-)  US$2.50 each plus a SASE.  Two per car suggested -
one for the front and one for the rear.

At 06:53 PM 12/03/1999 -0600, Mark L. Chang wrote:
>So, any lister spotting yet via the q-list decals?
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