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RE: KH vs MC

Well I have never seen one but I can certainly buy that Audi may have sent
over some late 85 cars with a 2.22L MC engine in them. Audi has always had a
problem knowing what came off the assemble line. 
I do have trouble buying that they ever made a 2.14L MC engine. I have never
seen any documentation of an MC engine with a 2144cc displacement. They made
some minor updates to the original KH engine for 85 model year such as water
cooled turbo, auxiliary coolant pump, changes to the idle stabilizer system
and added a fuel cut off for deceleration. But it was still a KH engine with
a MAC 07 control unit, 2 oil filters, 2144cc displacement, 8.3:1 comp ratio,
140 hp, and 149ft/lbs torque.
I was very much up to date on Audi's current model line then since I was
working for an Audi dealership from 1979 until 1988. I was even twice
awarded by Audi for high scores on a product knowledge test they were giving
all the techs that would take them. The tests were pretty easy but I got
paid for the day to go take another test at the Audi training center. After
the 2 hrs test we went out to lunch (on Audi) and then checked out some new
cars in the training center. We also got to watch some cool racing footage
of Audi Quattro's at Pikes Peak, I think it was shot from a helicopter. 
Take Care
Jim Dupree

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		US 5000Sq w/MC? Typical Audi production-line indecision...
but I know of at
		least one, or at least have pictures of same. August or
September 1985-
		Motor Trend's first 5000tq test. Car has Fuchs, full 5ktq
interior touches,
		is quoted as 158 HP revised version of 5000t engine (2226
cc- how can this
		not be an MC?)...
		Badges clearly state, as does cover caption: 5000S quattro.
Look it up. I
		don't understand this either.
		'87 5000CSt (late)
		'85 Coupe GT (present and accounted for)
		'93 90S (sister's)

		Wallace White wrote:

		> > MC 121kW/165BHP 2.23l 01.85-07.85 Audi 5000 S Turbo
		> >                       01.85-07.85 Audi 5000 S Quattro
		> Anybody ever hear of a US 5000 S quattro with an MC
engine? Sounds like
		> a misprint, but I'd be interested to hear otherwise.
		> Thanks for the interesting information, Steve.
		> - Wallace
		>   '87 5kcstq 161k