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CIS Adjustment Screw Question

I'm sitting here trying to adjust my mixture with the little 3mm Allen
screw.  Which wqay is which.  It seems to me that turning Clockwise wojuld
richen the mixture and Counter-Clockwise will lean it out.  So for a
baseline I seem to remember I lewan it out untill it stumbles then come
back a bit???  How far back.
	Secondly, Tomorrow night, once I get it close, I'd like to dial it
in exactly if I can.  Car is a KH code Turbo.  Mac-07 ECU.  Operation
should be the same as for the MC.  I can do this with a Dwell meter
right???  Orin told me how to do ti but I wasnt real clear on it.  What am
I looking for.  I think he said 40% Duty Cycle is what I want for Slightly
rich operation  (ie...what most of us that want power would want to
use)  What is stock, 45% or 50%.  ANyhow, I'm borrowing a meter from a
friend.  WHat am I looking for, will it say 45% on the screen or do I need
to do a conversion from say 4-cyl dwell??  

	Todd Phenneger
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	1984 4000 Turbo quattro (Faster than your average 4kq)
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