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Is Mickey Mouse working for BOSCH?

Dear fellow Qlisters Hi from Greece,

As you may already know me RS2 is down with clutch master cylinder failure.
It is resting in the garden garage for 15 or so days.
Last night I switched the engine on so that it works a bit in order to power
up the battery.
And it started gapping and misfiring.

Today in the morning I open up the hood and what do I see?
A rat's nest on top of the engine. Lots of leaves and other assorted soft
things together with mouse dodos around the engine bay.
And the fifth and fourth cylinders' injector electric power cables cut or
better eaten.

I guess Mickey Mouse works for BOSCH. These cables are an integral part of
the central electrical cable loom of the car. Good thing is that it looks
like they can be rectified in situ.

Take care and watch for rodent attacks if you leave your cars outside.

Pantelis Giamarellos