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RE: principal

What the heck!!!!! have I tuned in to Audifans only to find it's all in
another language?????


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hold on there huw. i've spent most of my life in the research and
understanding of the 'Difibrinaucci Exclusion Principle' and there is no way
on earth that what you say is possible. this is succinctly illustrated in
the formula..(dep/hap)(150001-2xdep+3)= nvpu... as you can see 150001 is the
baseline (under standard prevailing conditions) and nvpu is , of course 'no
voice pick up'. now if you apply the result to standard log tables you come
up with a tangent of .090980 which further emphasizes my point. although you
think that what you heard was caused by the d e p ..it was not and you know
it was not!. 108 of my closest friends will attest to this. although not one
of us owns a yellow car we are all fluent in the principles of d e p. please
stop spreading such unfounded heresy. <G>
caringly yours
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