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Re: 1987 5ksq brake help

>...The shop that did the inspection replaced the rear
rotors and calipers, head lamp switch, tie rod and some other misc. stuff.  
I'm about 15 miles away in stop and go traffic and the brake pedal starts to 
feel mushy. Next light it goes to the floor and the brake warning light 
comes on and starts to buzz. I pull over and checked all wheels to see if I 
could see any fluid, reservoir seems full and no smoke coming from any of 
the wheels. I had a friend tow it home for me and have plans to check it out
tomorrow morning.

If you just paid good money to have it professionally fixed why didn't you 
tow it there, on their dimne to boot?
It certainly could be your master, especially if they did a poor bleed job, 
check the levels, good luck.

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