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Re: Car Audio Help

Huw, do you know the wire color on the 200.  I'll check my manuals again now
that I know what it's really called....  Nothing beeps at me whether or not
I have seatbelts on, so how the hell is it a seatbelt warning relay????
That seems absurd.  It only beeps when key is IN and door is open or radio
is left on.

I think I'm just going to tap into the appropriate wire coming out of the
back of the ignition switch, but so far no one can tell me which one it is!

Also, does anyone know how to access wires for the dash speakers (easily)??


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From: Huw Powell <audi@mediaone.net>
To: Daniel Hussey <dan_hussey@email.msn.com>
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Date: Saturday, December 04, 1999 3:04 AM
Subject: Re: Car Audio Help

>Daniel Hussey wrote:
>> One final question....
>> I want to tap my 'switched power' into something that gets power when key
>> IN the ignition, but not neccessarily ON.  Best source of that would be
>> door chime relay.  So, I am trying to find the wire that goes from the
>> ignition to the door chime relay thing in the aux relay panel.
>Yes, I tend to call it the seatbelt warning relay.  Why not yank the
>dumb chime and just plug a spade into the right socket?  I ran my "start
>to stop" for my express windows modules from "key in" to "door open"
>using two terminals from that socket.
>If you like the chime, build a little breakout box for it (old relay
>base, 1/2 to 1" wires, relay socket) and tap into the appropriate
>lines.  Or...
>Huw Powell
>82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250