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Re: 88 90q Wheel and Spoiler Options

"George A. Siambis" <siambisg@holmes.uchastings.edu> wrote:

>Regarding the spoiler, I bought my '88 90q this last June and it has a
>rear trunk spoiler the same color as body.  The Bentley shows removal,
>installation, and installation on replacement trunk lid procedures at
>66.12-.14.  I don't know for sure, but this would suggest a factory
>installation.  I have also seen another 90q identical to mine (color &
>spoiler) on the streets.

>Can't remember what wheels it has but I'll let you know when I get it
>from the shop.

European brochures show the basic 80 without any spoilers, sport packs with
the 'flush lip'-type spoiler, 90 FWD with the same, free-standing spoiler
on 90qs.
WRT wheels- there were some differences in the US as compared to European
cars. Basic 80s had steel wheels/plastic hubcaps, whereas more upmarket
cars had the aero alloys. 20vs got Speedlines, other wheels optional. Mine
has 15x7 16-spoke Ronals, don't know if it's a factory option or later
add-on. Spare wheel was 14x6 Ronal before I changed it for an emergency

See http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/AudiJunk/model_codes2.html for more
80/90 configurations- both European and US.

87 90q 170,000 km/NG engine, Tizianred metallic
The Netherlands