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First Drive w/ New Engine in 83 CGT

A few moments ago I took the '83 CGT for it's first run up and down the 
street with the new engine I built.  Still have a couple small odds and ends 
to finish before I take it out on the highway for real.  Hopefully that will 
be next weekend.   Car ran well above 2k RPM, but stumbles slightly when 
below that.  Idles a bit rough as well.  Not sure how much of this is an 
effect of the schrick cam but time will tell as I work out all the bugs.  
Anyone else have a schrick in a solid lifter head?

Thanks to everyone on the list who has given me pointers.  Especially Phil 
for the knowledge I've anonymously absorbed from his insightful posts, Huw 
for a great CGT website (I plan on adding some of my experiences to it once 
I'm all done), and for Gil for stopping by and helping out & keeping me sane 
with a few beers...   Had I not had the list, I would never have built up 
the courage (if you wanna call it that) to attempt such a project.  And 
special thanks to Dan for making the list possible.

Anyway, had to share the jubilation.


'81 4k/4E
'83 CGT
'85 CGT (parts)
'86 4kq (maybe soon)

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